Friday, June 29, 2007

I've decided to quit being a bum and start posting to this since I haven't really touched it since 2003! Looks like I'm a late adopter (or was I an early adopter, I don't know). Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is because I saw something that was just a little out of this world during my lunch break and I was thinking I wish I really had a camera. BTW: I was listening to a podcast review of the iPhone while I was in disbelief of what I saw and then I remembered I had a camera phone, but by then it was too late.....

So I'm driving to the local park to read my Toledo Blade for some weekend activities (one of America's worst newspapers - I get the paper for the ads and crossword puzzles. I got 7 days/week for a little over $50). So call me a nerd....I don't care. Anyway, I pass a Toledo garbage truck stopped in the right lane of a 4 lane road and the driver is walking across 4 lanes of traffic to get some lunch at a diner (forgot the name). Anyway, I get in the left lane, say a "Must be nice to just not follow traffic laws" and continue on my way. Then I get stopped by a train. I'm there for a couple of minutes (not a lot of traffic on this road) and here comes the garbage truck in the right lane behind me....he stops and waits for the train also.

Then the driver gets out of the cab, and runs over to the side of the road ducking behind a 6 foot pine bush and a brick business building and is standing there. We I can't see it, but I know what he's doing. This guy is urinating in the bushes next to a public road. I just can't believe it! How do you wrap a story like that up?