Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Luck America

Well it happened....Barack Obama was elected president last night and John McCain was gracious and conceded late last night (he really is a down to earth person if you've ever listed to his speeches even though everybody complained about his age). Also the control of both houses of congress fell to the democrats as well. All I can say is I'm astonished at the direction America has gone.

Mostly young voters accounted for the shift in power from what I can tell. Since they tend to lean more liberally in their voting, due to their uneducated beliefs in fiduciary spending, family values and the like. After all I'd call myself a Fiscal Conservative other than that I'm a Constitutionalist. Government's roll should be to protect my country against foreign invaders and maintain my basic right to speech, arms, right to vote, etc.

Let me expand on my thoughts just to demonstrate my view...

Property Taxes are paid by property owners - to fund schools, libraries, you name it. So when people with no assets (young people in apartments - bums on park benches, etc) they go to the polls they see wording such as "$1.00 per every $1,000 of valuation". They vote yes and it costs them not one damn cent. Well guess what, you just cost me $300 for the year (for every year the tax is on the books). And how many of you have ever seen taxes disappear? Me either!

Don't get me wrong - I'm ok with paying taxes, just make it fair for everybody. I want paved roads, schools, clean water, etc. Just make it FAIR!!

Let's look at a local issue that has plagued the Toledo area....COSI. The Consortium of Science and Industry. For people that don't know it's a huge building downtown that is supposed to house science experiements and activities for young kids and families sponsored by local corporate businesses and educators, etc. We've been there 3 or 4 times over the course of a few years and it was nice the first couple of times. Well after the 4th time we visited the exhibits were exactly same, some were broken, etc. It was getting run down. Well, people stopped going and paying the $12.00 fee to get in and it eventually went bankrupt. Well they appealed to the voters 2 times and each time the levy failed. And locals thought that would be the end of it. After all, if a business can't sustain itself financially, why should the public foot the bill. I can't do that in my business!

Well, last night it was on the ballot again, and it passed. Mostly by people that voted for it and will never use it or pay the additional admission fee and guess who foots the bill. The Lucas county tax payer. (This is one of the reasons why I moved to Wood County - so get away from stupid legislation like this!)

Anyway, another thing that is disturbing around the area is Michigan just passed their Medical Marijuana law. The law states that you can purchase, grow, etc. as long as you have a doctors excuse. Gee - that's not hard to get nowadays! I guess I shouldn't be amazed that the law passed - I've been to a couple of concerts in Detroit, so I guess I know why it passed so easily.

I guess my perspective on life changes as I get older and wiser. When you have kids, you really change your thinking. Do I want my kids getting exposed to drugs and alcohol at an early age? No. But we as a country keep exposing this stuff and making it easier to obtain. When will be grow up and be a responsible country?

Lastly, the president...yes I know his history. Born in Kenya, raised by a white family, blah blah blah. I'm actually ok with a black president, but I want leadership, new ideas and fiscal control! Unfortunately, his voting record is scary and sketchy at best. He will make promises to whomever just to get what he wants. For example, in January 2008 he described Union contributions to the Hillary Clinton camp as special interest. He changed his thinking when the "working people" started contributing to his campaign. Or when in 2004 running for the senate, he told Illinois students that he supported the eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use. Later during his presidential run on October 2007 he opposed the decriminalization of marijuana use.

We just don't have enough TRUE FACTS about his views and how he would vote on any given subject. I'd rather deal with somebody I know where they stand, than somebody coming out of left field.

Overall, I'm open to new ideas and views, but I think the country might have entered a Jimmy Carter era of possibly hurting the economy and morals with both Legislative and Executive branches of government run by true left leaning liberals. These aren't your John F. Kennedy liberals. He had a pretty centric views of things other than the left leaning liberals now-a-days.

All I guess I can say is good luck. May reason guide us all in the next four years!

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