Thursday, November 06, 2008

Windows 7 - Still Not Ready

I've got an Alpha Release of Windows 7 (slated to be release in November 2009 - in my opinion) and it's still not even close.

I think Microsoft is still making a mistake. They need to slim the kernel way down. Some are saying that it's getting speed increases of 20% over Windows Vista. I'm seeing just the opposite. In fact, I would suggest they need to speed it up 20% faster than Windows XP! It's just not slim enough.

Sure there is eye candy in there, but that's not the point. People are looking for performance, ease of use, and a hands off approach. They want a computer's operating system that starts up fast, and stays out of their way so they can get their work done fast and get on with life.

Who actually sits down in front of a computer and plays with their photo album for hours. Nobody. They get the pictures off the camera, publish to the web, or print them or whatever, then move on with life.

I'm exploring alternatives and still will be developing .NET applications, but targeting them for different platforms at this point.

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