Saturday, March 14, 2009

Server Safari

As you know, here at Burns Software, we do more than just software development. We do it all from web hosting, to server building and maintenance, web development, iPhone development, you name it - we do it!

Anyway, we've got several internal servers here for production and development work. I was doing some video production (yes - we do that too) last night and when uploading it to our backup server it was taking way too long over our 100M-bit network. It was getting kinda late and I didn't feel like digging into the problem, so I went to bed and woke up this morning headed down to the basement (were our data center is) and noticed the following on one of our servers....

Oh great! Looks like I've some some hard drive issues. So that's my chore today - to make sure I get the data off the mirror and over to another place before swapping out the hard drive and putting a new one in. (I like to make double sure I've got the data in more than 1 location - just in case - I've been burned by hardware before!)

Anyway, the wife has a birthday dinner scheduled for5:00pm tonight and I'm trying to wrap it up by then. Another thing I noticed was that some of the rats nest I have going on for the video distribution network (below). I've got to clean that up before it gets worse!

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