Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sony - Stepping Up?

I'm normally not a big fan of Sony. In any way what-so-ever! (I can go into it if you want, but I won't for the simplicity of this post.)

Anyway, back in 2004, Amy bought me a Sony mini-DV Handycam. It was and still does have an excellent Carl Zeiss lens. It took pretty good standard definition movies.

This camcorder would get pulled out on Christmas, birthdays, etc for shooting some home movies and until recently we just stopped using it. Well, back when Sydney went to Safety Town I had to work so I asked Amy to record the production. When she brought it home she said she had problems taping the performance, but she finally got it working. But I noticed that during playback the screen was playing green pictures and cutting in and out. I was chewing Amy out saying how bad of a photographer she was, etc, etc.

Well, I just so happened to plug this camcorder in today and was going to get some of the DV recording for some compilations and noticed that the Camera portion was just recording black. The audio worked, the LCD screen playback worked, etc. The only problem was recording.

So I hopped on Sony's site and after some digging noticed a post back in 2006, that they finally acknowledged a problem in the CCD sensor and my unit was exhibiting the same issues. The bulletin says they'll repair the unit for cameras with this issue until March 31, 2009. Holy smokes! I might get lucky. I filled out the form, paid the $15.00 shipping fee and am awaiting a UPS label that Sony's shipping me. Awesome!

This might actually get me to change my mind about Sony! Wish me luck.

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