Friday, September 17, 2010

Windows Phone

Writing a Windows Phone just if Microsoft would ship the hardware!! Rumor has it it will be available for GSM phones (read this as NOT Verizon)...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Google PacMan

I'm an 80's kid so I loved playing PacMan - Santa Claus even got me a table top version one year and that was pretty sweet (yes I eventually took it apart to see how it worked).

Recently, Google's main search page added a bunch of javascript code to load some of their toolbars on the fly, and its slows my browser startup and I get frustrated, but I loved today's change to celebrate the 30th birthday of PacMan - you can even play it - pretty cool!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boo Hoo...

What happened? Last year I pretty much wrote the Penguins off and they win it all.

This year it was smooth sailing, then they get beat by Montreal - a team that shouldn't have been there. Fleury didn't perform as well as I've seen him play in this last game in Melon Arena.

Oh-well, there's always next year! Now it's on to baseball season...Go Tribe!

Friday, May 07, 2010

My Home Office

Some people have asked to see my home office. Since I'm doing some work this weekend, I figured why's an annotated picture of what I've got going on....

Didn't Need That Hour!

Microsoft - Please Hurry Up and Fix this...I just lost an hours worth of work!

Yeah, I know I'm using Expression Blend 4 RC SketchFlow to mockup some applications before I code them up. It's release candidate software so it's not fully baked, but this really is a time-saver in the long run. I can use this as a proposal and get feedback before I get too involved in the project and it's costs developer time and money down the road. It's always better to mock up an application and get the usability, database mock-ups, etc done early in the life-cycle of a product before any code is written. Anyway, I think this has some more work before they release the Blend 4.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Are Right

I hate Adobe products - just HATE them.

Adobe Acrobat - bloated, buggy, and have major security issues! It's just a Postscript reader.
Adobe Flash - crap - it's slow, resource intensive and also prone to attacks. (it doesn't matter if it's Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Flash crashed on them all and frequently too!) Their CEO should instead of defending his products, actually fix them!

Windows 7 - Stop Thinking For Me!

There's nothing I hate more than a computer thinking for me. That's not your job, that's mine! Just execute the instructions I tell you and move on. In Windows 7 - some jerk at Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to cleanup the shortcuts to servers or other computers off my desktop - no, it's not the desktop cleanup wizard - it's something else. Don't do it!

Once a month, it takes my icons to servers in the server room and just deletes them once a month or so. So I have to turn off the scheduled task. I don't know what else that task does, but it's not going to be doing it any more.
First image shows my missing icons, second image shows how to stop this.

VS2010 - Drag n Drop Items

I still have to crank out .Net 2.0 solutions and dragging items from the toolbar in Visual Studio 2010 does this to me and I can't figure out why. I just click on a control, or double-click it to add to the form I'm working on and it assumes I'm going to be dropping the same control on the form multiple times. I can't turn it off or get it to stop. Is this a bug? (notice the cursor - hitting escape doesn't turn it off or revert to a selection arrow either). Strange.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Microsoft - You Still Make Me Crazy!

So today was a rather big day for Microsoft. They finally shipped Visual Studio 2010 after more than 2 years of development. I still see some performance issues, but the one thing that drove me crazy during the install is a restart...there's simply no reason for it!

I've had the ISO mounted as a virtual DVD drive and also downloading some of the other VS2010 bits - I had to suspend all that, restart, then remount it, and's little stuff like this that drives me nuts.
Also Microsoft, if I were you, I'd consider NOT linking to content from sites like Twitter, Digg, etc. directly on the front page of MSDN. The comments weren't very flattering from sites like Twitter and the like, after the horrendous download speeds on the MSDN site today. You're still a business and you've got to maintain professionalism and filter some of negative and graphic content - even in the social media age. And how could you not get the CDN's involved to help distribute the load more geographically? Hello - it's 2010!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0

I'm back on the grid! Some new iPhone 4.0 highlights I think are interesting...

Finally some multitasking on the iPhone. With a real status bar showing the items that are running. Cool.

I love the ability to host push notifications on my own servers instead of Apple's. I hate depending on a 3rd party for this kinda stuff.

Also the ability to create a folder by dragging one app on top of another will greatly enhance my organizational skills (I'm O.C.D. in this area - deal with it!)

Also, unified Inbox (now I don't have to check 10 email accounts) and iBooks (looking forward to this).

GameKit - The additions to gaming are pretty cool. Just like XBox Live - neat and unexpected from Apple, but makes sense since gaming on the iPhone/iPad is huge!

iAd - not excited about this as an end-user (I'm already bombarded by too much Marketing - my eyeballs hurt), but a potential revenue stream with a 60/40 split between developer and Apple.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Trivia on the XBOX 360

Friday nights are fun in the basement. Especially with tonight's weather...

We're playing 1 vs 100 on the 360. Sydney even gets 'em correct, but most challengers fail to beat us.

If you're ever on the 360 try to beat us at a game. Our family's gamer tag is: OhioBurns

Thursday, February 04, 2010

People (Walmart)

Yeah, we all know about, but sometimes you actually meet people you'd actually want to hang out with there....

I was buying some light bulbs, and stumbled upon the electronics area and a color Pixma printer on the end cap of the aisle caught my eye...and I thought about it. printer plus ink cartridges for $30.00, refiles for said printer $12.67 and $21.67. Doing the math on ink replacements, just throw away the printer and get a new one for $30.00. The wife would kill me if I bought more technology junk...I don't need one anyway. I've got a color laser printer that produces some nice documents and is a fraction of the price.

Anyway, a gentleman walks buy and says "is this a deal?". Obviously it was for the printer if you throw it away when it runs out of ink, but when somebody gets me started on a technology rant, I just can't help myself. So we chit-chat about printers, computers, movies, etc. A nice 5 minute discussion. I then move on to the milk aisle thinking "Wow, you just don't meet many people you'd like to talk and hang out with at Wal-Mart" (Yes, this guy was wearing a train conductor hat - so he was probably dressed for the part, but I could actually have an intellectual discussion with him.) So I walk along getting the milk thinking happy thoughts about Wal-Mart....

Then I soon get back to reality, and look up from my cart to see a gentleman (can you call him that?) coughing and sneezing (without covering his mouth) all over the cheese cooler and products. Ah, I am in Wal-Mart. Oh, well. At least I saved some bucks (and no, I didn't get any cheese).

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Windows 7 Drag and Drop

I don't know why, but I'm still stuck docking items in my task bar. For me, it's just easier to visualize the icon than remember the name of the program I want to start and find that in the start button or attempt to type the name into the Start->Run area. So I still dock things. For some reason though you can't dock the Calculator (which I like more now that I can see history).

I can pin my programs and documents...

Why can't I pin Microsoft's styff,,,,

Strange. I don't want a computer thinking for me, just do what you're told!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now I'm on TV

This is pretty sweet....I just read through the documentation, setup a "BurnsSoftware" channel and posted my content and I'm on TV. I can publish this out to the world. Pretty neat stuff.

Sorry the images are bad...i was on my way to a birthday party and had to take, process the raw images and upload them quick - but I can create, produce and stream HD quality content. Awesome!

IP TV on my TV

We'll I'm finally watching IP TV on my TV. Yeah, this is nothing new for me, but actually got a dedicated device for the TV - The Roku Player.

For those of you that don't know. I've got a computer (in the basement) hooked up to our LCD TV in the family room (on the first floor) via HDMI cable and it works great. It's nice to watch NetFlix or "Surf the Net" on a TV.

I've also got an XBox 360 in the basement hooked up to the plasma and that handles NetFlix, Web Surfing, and of course the gaming fix for the family.

But the LCD upstairs always needed an online injection of some type of content. Watching it with a laptop hooked up or netbook was always a pain. The netbook always dropped frames and hooking up a wireless keyboard and mouse, etc to the laptop worked, but having a keyboard in bed seemed wrong.

Well I had a couple of options. Purchase a XBox 360 for the bedroom also (not dropping $300 for that - the wife would never approve).

But the Roku was reasonable, I get NetFlix and IP TV from a bunch of the providers on the Internet. You can also connect to your Flickr/SnapFish accounts, Facebook, Major League Baseball, and my favorite (the TWIT network).

Cable and Satellite TV - you're being put on notice - your days are numbered!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad = iSad

Listening to Steve Jobs talk about the iPad at the media event....

The bare minimum starts at $499 and if you want 3G built in radio for cell/data connectivity it costs another $130 so you're looking at $629 for a bigger version of the iPhone. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think I'll stick with the iPhone and my 13" MacBook!

Apple could have done a much better job of this considering the competition. I'm not getting one as is...especially with the AT&T 3G network. Ouch!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What the heck are you doing in Redmond?

So I needed to install a small compact SQL based database at several hundred locations. No problem, sounds like the perfect scenario for Microsoft's SQL Server compact Edition. There are no royalty fees, etc so I'm good to deploy and go. Easy enough right?

I go to Microsoft's website and attempt to find the product for download. Well I can't find it. So I punch it into Google which returns me the correct link to download the 3.5 SP1 edition.

I install that into my Virtual PC 2007 Windows XP image. No problem, installs just fine. But then I have to write some code to create a database and test some queries against it. Since I'm in the initial phase of design, I figure, I'll just install the SQL Management Studio in the XP image instead of coding a couple of lines in to mock-up app - I'll probably need it down the road for testing anyway (plus it will help my support staff also if issues arise). Well I don't want to go through installing SQL Express tools, etc. but you can't just download that from Microsoft, you need another Microsoft tool called the "Microsoft Web Platform Launcher" so I do that and it wants to install all this other crap, but it gives me a link to the SQL Management Studio as one of the options, so I just click on that link and download that manually.

I start the management installer and it goes through some gyrations and says you need the Microsoft Installer 4.5. So I download that, install it, restart.

Then I start the management installer again and it goes through the process again, then at the end it states I need PowerShell. So I can't find version 2.0 on Microsoft's site, so I use Google and it's the first one, so I download that and install it.

Then I start the SQL Management Installer for the 3rd time and it FINALLY goes through!

What a pain! Hey Redmond, do you guys ever use your own tools? This could have been really easy to handle!