Saturday, January 30, 2010

IP TV on my TV

We'll I'm finally watching IP TV on my TV. Yeah, this is nothing new for me, but actually got a dedicated device for the TV - The Roku Player.

For those of you that don't know. I've got a computer (in the basement) hooked up to our LCD TV in the family room (on the first floor) via HDMI cable and it works great. It's nice to watch NetFlix or "Surf the Net" on a TV.

I've also got an XBox 360 in the basement hooked up to the plasma and that handles NetFlix, Web Surfing, and of course the gaming fix for the family.

But the LCD upstairs always needed an online injection of some type of content. Watching it with a laptop hooked up or netbook was always a pain. The netbook always dropped frames and hooking up a wireless keyboard and mouse, etc to the laptop worked, but having a keyboard in bed seemed wrong.

Well I had a couple of options. Purchase a XBox 360 for the bedroom also (not dropping $300 for that - the wife would never approve).

But the Roku was reasonable, I get NetFlix and IP TV from a bunch of the providers on the Internet. You can also connect to your Flickr/SnapFish accounts, Facebook, Major League Baseball, and my favorite (the TWIT network).

Cable and Satellite TV - you're being put on notice - your days are numbered!

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