Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the pool

Skiing at Boyne this weekend

Friday, February 05, 2010

Trivia on the XBOX 360

Friday nights are fun in the basement. Especially with tonight's weather...

We're playing 1 vs 100 on the 360. Sydney even gets 'em correct, but most challengers fail to beat us.

If you're ever on the 360 try to beat us at a game. Our family's gamer tag is: OhioBurns

Thursday, February 04, 2010

People (Walmart)

Yeah, we all know about, but sometimes you actually meet people you'd actually want to hang out with there....

I was buying some light bulbs, and stumbled upon the electronics area and a color Pixma printer on the end cap of the aisle caught my eye...and I thought about it. printer plus ink cartridges for $30.00, refiles for said printer $12.67 and $21.67. Doing the math on ink replacements, just throw away the printer and get a new one for $30.00. The wife would kill me if I bought more technology junk...I don't need one anyway. I've got a color laser printer that produces some nice documents and is a fraction of the price.

Anyway, a gentleman walks buy and says "is this a deal?". Obviously it was for the printer if you throw it away when it runs out of ink, but when somebody gets me started on a technology rant, I just can't help myself. So we chit-chat about printers, computers, movies, etc. A nice 5 minute discussion. I then move on to the milk aisle thinking "Wow, you just don't meet many people you'd like to talk and hang out with at Wal-Mart" (Yes, this guy was wearing a train conductor hat - so he was probably dressed for the part, but I could actually have an intellectual discussion with him.) So I walk along getting the milk thinking happy thoughts about Wal-Mart....

Then I soon get back to reality, and look up from my cart to see a gentleman (can you call him that?) coughing and sneezing (without covering his mouth) all over the cheese cooler and products. Ah, I am in Wal-Mart. Oh, well. At least I saved some bucks (and no, I didn't get any cheese).

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Windows 7 Drag and Drop

I don't know why, but I'm still stuck docking items in my task bar. For me, it's just easier to visualize the icon than remember the name of the program I want to start and find that in the start button or attempt to type the name into the Start->Run area. So I still dock things. For some reason though you can't dock the Calculator (which I like more now that I can see history).

I can pin my programs and documents...

Why can't I pin Microsoft's styff,,,,

Strange. I don't want a computer thinking for me, just do what you're told!