Thursday, February 04, 2010

People (Walmart)

Yeah, we all know about, but sometimes you actually meet people you'd actually want to hang out with there....

I was buying some light bulbs, and stumbled upon the electronics area and a color Pixma printer on the end cap of the aisle caught my eye...and I thought about it. printer plus ink cartridges for $30.00, refiles for said printer $12.67 and $21.67. Doing the math on ink replacements, just throw away the printer and get a new one for $30.00. The wife would kill me if I bought more technology junk...I don't need one anyway. I've got a color laser printer that produces some nice documents and is a fraction of the price.

Anyway, a gentleman walks buy and says "is this a deal?". Obviously it was for the printer if you throw it away when it runs out of ink, but when somebody gets me started on a technology rant, I just can't help myself. So we chit-chat about printers, computers, movies, etc. A nice 5 minute discussion. I then move on to the milk aisle thinking "Wow, you just don't meet many people you'd like to talk and hang out with at Wal-Mart" (Yes, this guy was wearing a train conductor hat - so he was probably dressed for the part, but I could actually have an intellectual discussion with him.) So I walk along getting the milk thinking happy thoughts about Wal-Mart....

Then I soon get back to reality, and look up from my cart to see a gentleman (can you call him that?) coughing and sneezing (without covering his mouth) all over the cheese cooler and products. Ah, I am in Wal-Mart. Oh, well. At least I saved some bucks (and no, I didn't get any cheese).

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