Thursday, September 15, 2011

Installing Windows 8 on VirtualBox

Just downloaded the Windows 8 Developer Preview with Tools, but it failed to boot into Oracle's VirtualBox. (You can't use Virtual PC because it doesn't support 64-bit operating systems - plus VirtualBox you can use on Mac/Linux and Windows and just move your virtual image around once it's setup).

Anyway, here's what you need to change to get it to work...

General: OS Type: Other/Unknown

System: Base Memory=1536MB
[X] Enable IO APIC
[ ] Enable EFI
[X] Enable absolute pointing device

Processor: 1
[ ] Enable PAE/NX

[X] Enable VT-X/AMD-V
[X] Enable Nested Paging

Storage: Remove SATA Controller
IDE Controller: Type PIIX2
IDE Primary Master: HDD 20GB
IDE Secondary Master: Windows 8 DVD

Audio: Intel HD Audio

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