Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This isn't a good thing...

StackOverflow finished with the 2015 developer survey....

I value education...my wife has her Ph.D. and teaches in higher education, and I have a Masters in Computer Science.  So education is important in our household.

Being self-taught in new disciplines is fine, as long as you have the fundamentals.  I doubt a lot of these self-taught developers, know how to create a Linked-List in C, or a build a Compiler and a Linker.

Over the years, we've just fixed lazy by "adding more memory" and "throwing another processor" at the problem instead of really focusing on memory management, etc. 

Look, I wish I had access to the tools that kids have now-a-days.  I just hope the self-taught's are not cranking out crap code, full of buffer overflows, insecure security libraries, etc.  It get's increasingly more important to be cognizant of these issues as we more forward to an entirely digital society.

Crossing my fingers!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

SQL Server 2008 to 2012 Detailed Version Info

Here's some SQL Server Information - I seem to be referencing it lately.  So figured I'd post it.

I got quoted....yikes!

I got quoted on the Delphi RAD Studio and AppMethod developer tools site.

I love Microsoft's Visual Studio tools for development.  I was doing some mobile development during Xamarin's early days of their mobile Androind and IOS tools cycle.  It was bad.

Even when Xamarin launched the re-branded tools, not much changed and it still was a pain in the butt to develop with those tools.

I decided to try Delphi's RAD Studio and the Firemonkey integration made it a snap.  I was developing stuff quicker and that's the goal, right?

Monday, April 06, 2015

Fun with X-Plane

Being a Private Pilot can be pretty expensive.  So I like to brush up on "procedures" by using a flight simulator.  I've got rudders, a yoke, and prop controls, etc.  So it's almost like being there - except for the G forces.  Looks like this trip I would have taken a beating!

Anyway, Microsoft Flight Simulator used to be the go-to system but a while back I switched to X-Plane.  It's got a lot of professional features.

Unfortunately, they've jumped on the mobile bandwagon and I think the quality is suffering.  I hate making a cross-country flight, then bang!.......an error.  What a pain.  Sure wish they'd handle this up the stack before it gets the the O/S level!

Hey Austin, fix this!!!!!