Friday, May 01, 2015

Windows 10 Start Menu Fail

Microsoft just released another Windows 10 build for testing.  They should be going down the final stretch for a release in July/August of 2015 (frankly - August would be too late in my opinion to capture the back to school market)

I published a YouTube video showing how I can get it to crash....

Microsoft is also working on development tools also.  They just released a Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate, and they've got some problems there also.  The installed crashed while installing the Android development tools, and here's what you get when you try to start a Xamarin iOS project in Visual Studio also.

Anybody else truly hate this quick release, continuous integration crap.  I know it has a purpose, but seriously.  It's very, very, very hard to provide confidence in your product when everything is in an Alpha or Beta development phase.

I can't tell you how many times Visual Studio 2013 has crashed on me and I've lost hours and hours of work just due to some buggy plug-in that decides to barf at the most inopportune time.